Is your Social Media Presence Strengthening your Biotech Advertising?

Most biotech companies have caught onto the fact that an effective Biotech advertising campaign leverages social media to some capacity. And while that’s step one, there are ways to ensure that you’re not just going through the motions of a social media campaign, but truly maximizing on it’s potential to brand your company. Let’s look at a few ways you can gauge the success of you biotech marketing efforts:

Broadcasting vs. Engagement

In today’s landscape, biotech marketing is growing less about broadcasting your message in a one-way conversation and more about playing an active role in meaningful discussion. True brand engagement strengthens the experience for both investors and users. Taking a proactive approach in the conversation ultimately leads to building long-term relationships, greater brand value as well as maintaining market sustainability.

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Make Your Business More Effective With Instagram

Here are the guidelines for making your Instagram more effective. Along with this, it is also advantageous to get Instagram followers.

  • Find out the opinion of your target market about your company. Photos, which have been uploaded already, can be viewed by using hashtags. This will give you an idea about what they like most.
  • You can promote events by taking photos of all events, organized in your company and then upload these photos on Instagram. This will help people to know about your company as photos can address louder than words.
  • Organize competition; ask fans to suggest creative legend, which describes the image.
  • Search for the people who have similar interest.
  • Tell about the constructions of your company by presenting photos. This will inspire people.
  • Remember to upload the photos of current trends in the company. Do not only upload photos, illustrating your products because visitors may think it’s self promotion.
  • Distinguish your company from others by uploading improved photos.

Facebook, Instagram to limit spread of vaccine misinformation

Facebook has detailed its new strategy to curb the spread of vaccine misinformation on both its primary social media platform as well as Instagram. Broadly, these include efforts to scale back the prominence of (but not outright ban) certain flagged groups, pages and search results, as well as the adoption of a firm stance against advertising content together with false statements concerning vaccination.

“Leading world health organizations, like The World Health Organization and the U.S.A. Centers for disease control and prevention, have in public identified verifiable vaccine hoaxes,” Monika Bickert, VP of global policy management at Facebook, wrote in a news post on the company’s website. “If these vaccine hoaxes appear on Facebook, we’ll take action against them.”

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Could this new Instagram feature facilitate combat online bullies?

Bullying on social media and the way to intervene amid a problem — or even understand when a problem is occurring — has been an extremely discussed topic in recent years.

Instagram is introducing a brand new feature for which it’s making an attempt to form artificial intelligence that’s smart enough to notice such inappropriate behavior.

There are already features in place, like flagging content or fully blocking a user, however Francesco Fogu, an Instagram designer who works on well-being, told Time magazine those might not be the way people wish to go.

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TikTok parent ByteDance is reportedly creating a smartphone.

ByteDance, the corporate behind video app TikTok, is reportedly building its own smartphone too. According to 2anonymous sources in a financial Times report, the phone would come preloaded with ByteDance’s many apps — which include the news aggregator Jinri Toutiao, the ubiquitous TikTok, and in line with some rumors, an unreleased streaming music service.

The financial Times says that ByteDance ceo Zhang Yiming has “long dreamt” of building a smartphone filled with preloaded apps. The Beijing-based company confirmed a deal with phone maker Smartisan early this year, saying it had acquired a patent portfolio and employed some Smartisan employees. ByteDance claimed this would help it “explore the education business,” however this recent news casts the purchase in a new light.

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TikTok for money

TikTok has grown quite a bit within the past year and that means more money for influencers as more brands are willing to partner with influencers on the platform. Whereas there’s no equivalent YouTube partner program on TikTok (YouTube shares ad revenue), you can still make quite a bit of money if you know the way to monetize your audience on TikTok. Top TikTok users have millions of followers and can make millions of dollars per year. Here are some ways to try and do so:

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Instagram Launches ‘Checkout on Instagram’ to Facilitate In-App shopping

After edging towards eCommerce for some time, and evolving its various tools to better facilitate on-platform shopping, Instagram is currently taking the next step with the introduction of a brand new checkout option within the app.

As you can see, the new process takes Instagram’s ‘Shopping Tags’ to the next level – currently, rather than a ‘View on Website’ button once you tap through, users can see a ‘Checkout on Instagram’ option, which will enable them to make a purchase right there and then, before returning straight back to their Insta feed.

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