TikTok for money

TikTok has grown quite a bit within the past year and that means more money for influencers as more brands are willing to partner with influencers on the platform. Whereas there’s no equivalent YouTube partner program on TikTok (YouTube shares ad revenue), you can still make quite a bit of money if you know the way to monetize your audience on TikTok. Top TikTok users have millions of followers and can make millions of dollars per year. Here are some ways to try and do so:

Brand deal

 Now that TikTok is one among the most popular apps within the world, advertisers are willing to pay a hefty amount to showcase their brand to a primarily young audience. Back in 2014, brands were paying $20k-50k for brand deals on vine. That’s 2014… when firms didn’t have huge social media influencer budgets. That’s not the case anymore, brand deals for top TikTok influencers would range in the $50k–150k range if not more depending on the amount of views they will get. There’s a lot more cash in the space than there was in 2014 so deals are much easier to come by. 

Selling your own stuff

 You probably are no stranger to merch (t-shirts, pants, etc.) being sold to you on YouTube or alternative social media platforms. The identical is done on TikTok and across all platforms has been shown to make concerning the same if not more money than ads would make you. Cross promoting your other social media accounts. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter… the most popular TikTok influencers really build massive audiences across all other platforms not only to diversify just in case TikTok dies, however conjointly because more people looking will be looking at your content which equals more money.